The Journey of success

Dr. Samih Tarabichi was trained in North America at McGill University. He is a fellow of the American academy of orthopedic surgeon, and also a fellow of the Royal College….

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The Patents

Dr. Samih Tarabichi currently holds six USA patent which covering surgical instrumentations and implants design for total joint replacement.

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The Surgeries

  • Total knee replacement & Revision of knee implant.

  • Total hip replacement & Revision of Hip Implant.

  • ACL repair.

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The publications

  • Importance of full flexion after total knee replacement in Muslims daily lifestyle.

  • special considerations in Asian knee Arthroplasty.

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BBC TV interview about the 3D custom made implants

Alan TV interview about the total knee replacement

Dr. Samih Tarabichi Statistics

Dr. Tarabichi, performed over 30,000 total joint replacement (Knee and Hips) since he started practicing Medicine in the USA. He has established the first joint registry system in the middle east, this was initially done in collaboration with university of Dundee in Scotland, UK. The purpose of that registry was to monitor the outcome of joint replacement performed at the center of excellence.

Dr. Samih Tarabichi is currently holding six US PATENT which covering surgical instrumentations and implants design for total joint replacement ( for more information kindly visit Dr. Tarabichi Patents page ). Dr. Samih Tarabichi observed that Arab knees are structurally different from those he had seen in the West where femur bone is generally narrower and set at a slightly sharper angle, and the cruciate ligament more relaxed and malleable

15145Total Major Surgeries
10377Knee Replacements
3149Hip Replacements
1619Revision knee surgeries

Explanation about the Osteoarthritis on sky news alarabiya TV channel

Explanation about total knee replacement surgery on Alarabiya TV channel

Full flexion after bilateral total knee replacement surgery

Proudly practicing medicine in Dubai / United Arab Emirates

Dr. Samih Tarabichi, current practice

January 2019

ِAlzahra Hospital in Dubai, Tarabichi center for joint Surgery

Consultant orthopedic surgeon, General director of Tarabichi center for joint Surgery

01 Jan 2011

International congress for joint reconstruction ICJR Middle East


from 2011

01 Jan 2009

International society for technology in Arthroplasty

Board member

from 2009


Consult Dr. Samih Tarabichi

Dr. Samih Tarabichi, is currently working in BHAS Tarabichi center for joint replacement in Dubai, you can send him your inquires throw the website.

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